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Now specializing in the captive propagation of Ball Pythons (Python regius) exclusively!

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Welcome to Joe Pociask Pythons. I am a small time breeder with big time provide the finest in captive bred pythons. Working on a small scale allows me to focus on quality. I hope you enjoy my site!

Updated 9/12/07: 
The incubator has been turned off for another winter.  We hatched 5 clutches of ball python eggs this year, and are quite happy with the results.  Check out our ball python clutch index page for more information on these babies!   Although we are now focusing on ball pythons exclusively, we'll keep our carpet python info online for those who are interested.  Feel free to check out the IJ clutch page to see our beautiful Irian hatchlings from 2004.  For those who like to herp in the field,  click here to see our herp pictures and field report!  

Finally, we recently got some exciting news!  An article that I wrote on incubator construction and our no-sub incubation method has been published by Reptiles magazine.  It appears in the August 2007 issue.




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