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Ball Python Clutch 07-05 - A shot at some albinos?

Sire: 02-PDHS-04 (RDR - 01 PDHSN #2b - AKA - Slappy) These possible double hets were produced from breeding a double het SNOW male (Jolliff ) and an Albino male to a 50% possible het Albino female..........who knows what these are...........they are either het Albino..........or possible double het for SNOW. (description from Ralph Davisís site)

Dam: JPP# 04-01-07 ( AKA - Gus) This snake was produced here in 2004 from breeding our other possible double het for snow male to a normal female.

This clutch is from some serious "dinking".  In theory, we could even get a snow out of this pairing.  Truthfully, I'd be very happy to produce just one albino.  This is our first shot at proving our original possible double het males we got from RDR back in '02.  Keep your fingers crossed with us!

Clutch statistics:  3 eggs total, 1 of which was infertile (299 g)      
Laid:  July 13, 2007
Hatched: September 9, 2007





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Look below for individual pictures of these babies after their first shed.   Let us know if you want to reserve one!

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