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Ball Python Clutch 07-03 - "Low % Poss. Double Hets"

Sire: 02-PDHS-04 (RDR - 01 PDHSN #2b - AKA - Slappy) These possible double hets were produced from breeding a double het SNOW male (Jolliff ) and an Albino male to a 50% possible het Albino female..........who knows what these are...........they are either het Albino..........or possible double het for SNOW. (description from Ralph Davisís site).  We also had this female with a small pastel male, but witnessed no copulations.  I am very confident that the pastel did not breed this year.

Dam: LAF-02 ( AKA - Lil' Momma) This adult female was purchased from Ben Siegel Reptiles in 5 / 02.  The snake was a long term pet that was no longer wanted and returned to the store.  A very nice ball python.

These babies will be low percentage possible double hets

Clutch statistics:  8 eggs (750 g) - 1 egg died in the second week of incubation     
Laid:  June 2, 2007
Expected Hatch: July 25-26, 2007, 7 healthy hatchlings (average weight = 61.6 g)


mom on the last 2 of 8 eggs

the eggs in the incubator



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Look below for individual pictures of these babies after their first shed.   Let us know if you want to reserve one!

JPP  ID Number

Sex Pictures
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Sold - Thanks Mike




  Sold - Thanks Mike


Sold - Thanks Mike