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Ball Python Clutch 04-02

Sire: 01-PDHS-04 (RDR - 01 PDHSN #3b) These possible double hets were produced from breeding a double het SNOW male (Jolliff ) and an Albino male to a 50% possible het Albino female..........who knows what these are...........they are either het Albino..........or possible double het for SNOW. (description from Ralph Davisís site)

Dam: LAF-06 This beautiful female was purchased as a wild-caught adult and has been rehabilitated and acclimated here.  This snake has a wonderful pattern and appears to be axanthic.  We believe that she'll prove out to be an axanthic when bred back to one of her sons.  Needless to say, we're very excited about this project!  Look below for a couple of pictures of mom, as well as her 6 fat beautiful eggs!

Clutch statistics:   6 eggs total,   6 fertile         
Laid:  July 1st, 2004  -HATCHING NOW!!! August 31....

        Mom               Another of Mom       6 Fertile Eggs!

Expected Hatched: August 28-29                     


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Look below for individual pictures of these babies after they hatch.  Let us know if you want to reserve one!

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Sex Pictures
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